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TR_EDEN_Elements_US_25-02-2015Lush new is a coconut milk &aloevera shampoo from Tresemme. New Tresemmebotanique is a shampoo I fell in love with. I have always preferred something with a natural touch for my hair. Tresemmebotanique was a true call. I don’t want to overstate but whenever I use it my hair feels more nourished. It gives me good hair in just three steps shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry and you are set for the day. Now I have good hair day every day.

Most of us these day look forward to shampoo that could reduce hair fall. Though we all know that there are many factors that contributes to hair fall, but I won’t go down without stating that this shampoo did reduce hair fall. I have been using it since last six months and all I could think of is how good it makes me feel to wear my hair down go out on a date. This shampoo is amazing and more amazing is its fragrance that is there to stay and make you feel fresh.

So, for everyone out there who is looking for good nourishment for their hair and a salon touch without spending a lot of money Tresemme botanique is your thing. Go ahead nourish and replenish your hair with a shampoo which is silicone, parabeans and dye free. Just enjoy the touch of coconut milk and aloevera and feel the confidence.

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