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Revisiting some interesting games that we played in childhood

revisiting-some-interesting-games-that-we-played-in-childhoodThrough this article, we will take you down your memory lane of childhood. Don’t we all have a fun time remembering the fun games that we used to play with our friends every evening? With a new game to play every day, every minute, there was not even one dull moment!

Pakdam pakdai: This was, and will be a ‘staple’ game of all ages and at all time. It used to be everyone’s favourite with minimum rules involved.

Dog and the bone: Another interesting game that made our childhood worth looking back every single day. Drawing a circle on the ground with chalk, throwing in a ‘hanky’ and challenging the other team to pick it first.

Aankh Micholi: The ‘blindfolded’. Now this involved a lot of scope of cheating too through the piece tied over the eyes. It used to be a fun game and if you loose it in the first round, everyone up beating up the blindfolded ‘denner’ every time.

Catch-Catch: The ultimate time pass! What better way to kill some time with these basic fillers while waiting for the rest of your friends to join the gang, and play the main game thereafter. It was the simplest game ever.

Statue: We play it even today, at times. In office or at home, this still has a place in our lives. Your opponent had to freeze every time you said the word ‘statue’ until you said ‘over’.

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