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Rewari Gang Rape reveals deteriorating condition of Girls in the State: Rishi Pandey

The assault on a 19-year-old BSc student, allegedly by over 10 men, proves yet again that the state is the most unsafe place for women in India

Yet again a Gang rape took place in the Rewari District of Haryana State, where a 19-year-old was abducted and raped by several men while she was on her way to tuition. Later she was dumped at the same bus stop from where the culprits had picked her up. The government yet remains silent and no prominent action has been taken to assure the fast progress of this case, rather than taken up strong step, in this case, the government decided to send them a cheque of 4 lack which was later returned by the Family and they asked for justice in return for their Daughter. The General Secretary of youth Congress, Rishi Pandey said “NCRB data shows that Haryana, which is already struggling with a poor sex ratio of 914 girls per 1000 boys, tops the country in atrocities against women- be it dowry, rapes or domestic violence. The condition of girls and women has constantly deteriorated in the state in last 4-5 years. The law and order situation is worsen and moral of the criminals are in the peak. Government is not taking any measures to stop this kind of heinous crime against girls and women”

He also added “Recently, I went to some schools of Haryana and sadly even after such atrocities, there has been no Safety measures for girls in the schools. This becomes a serious cause of concern when there are no facilities in the schools, and girls have to travel to different places to attend school which have teachers and basic facilities and on top of that they encounter such gangs who feel free to commit such heinous crimes. The state government needs to take this as a last call otherwise our sisters will show their power in coming elections.”

The General Secretary took a bold step to meet the family members of the suffering family and spoke to them on various issues. The family assured that the girl’s condition is better as compared to previous few days, but according to them the most devastating thing was rather than taking up strong action against the accused, the government took the initiative to provide them with cheque. 

Now the question which comes here is how safe is the daughters of this nation. Where on one hand the government is running the program ‘’Beti bachao Beti padhao’’ and on the other hand prominent action is not being taken up in such sensitive cases. The truth is ever since BJP has formed its government in the state of Haryana the crime has increased by 47 percent. This percentage shows that how effective BJP has been in the context of the progress of the nation. 

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