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Ridiculous misconceptions related to Indian Sex Education

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India is the land of “Kamasutra” which is a book dedicated to explanation of sex and various positions for pleasure. Given the fact that we are a country with 1,370,258,675 people, it’s high time that we start talking about sex and the safe ways to practice it. Sex education in India was introduced with an aim to reduce the instances of teenage pregnancies, STDs, AIDS, and increase in population. However, people in India have been hesitant when it comes to talking about sex.

So let’s take a look at the ridiculous misconceptions related to Indian Sex Education.

1-Early Knowledge=Early Sex:

First and foremost, let’s accept the fact that sex is a natural requirement that cannot be denied to anyone. Sex education isn’t something that teaches the children to indulge in sex in the early half of life. It is actually dedicated to teach them about social, physiological, and the biological aspects of having healthy sex life in future.

2-Ban Sex Education=No Sex Ever:

Now, this is completely ridiculous. Our brain since the childhood is wired to procreate when we attain puberty. This is the way we keep our species from going extinct. Even if you deny them knowledge from sex education, they will surely try to seek the same from other sources. This leads to misconceptions, half-baked truth, and rumors related sex. Having sex now or later is a choice but sex education is mandatory for health and psychological safety.

3-They Will Learn After Marriage:

In India, more than 53 percent of children amidst the ages 4 and 13 have been victim of sexual abuse, especially from their own relatives and family friends. The culture comprised of shame and silence related to sexual abuse means the victims find it hard to speak up. Sex is a truth and it is genetically induced in our brains. So there is no point in denying it and waiting for them to understand after marriage. Trust us; there are many more that don’t even realize the ways to safe sex even after marriage.

4-Sex Education Makes the Children Homosexual:

First of all, homosexuality is innate and normal. It can neither be cured nor prevented. Teaching the child about sexual issues and gender will allow them to understand and accept themselves the way they are. Sex education educates about an already existing fact and does nothing for the creation of such identities.

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