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Rini Chandra Opens Up To Harshita Dagha On Her New Track ‘Doremon’, Nepotism, Bollywood Music Industry And More

Born in Canada, the audience’s favourite from shows like SaReGaMaPa Singing Superstar and Family Antakshari, Rini Chandra is back with her new single ‘Doremon’.

You’re right if it reminds you about the adorable animated robot from the popular kids’ show. Since I’ve had so many questions about such a quirky title, we had to sit down with the singer to quench our curiosity.

The title is so quirky, I had to ask her how she came up with it? Rini chuckled a little, “I’m surrounded with a lot of kids. And one day, which is I think a year ago, I just heard a lot of people talking about Doraemon and other cartoon characters. Doraemon is the most famous and it has fun elements about it, how he helps his friends, the gadgets—that is the whole idea.”

The obvious question we had was if, perhaps, this song was for the kids. Rini quickly corrected us, “Juss, my lyricist friend was going to write a song for me and I wanted to write something childish, but not something exactly for the kids—I wanted to mix it up a little bit.”

So, what is the song actually about? Rini clarified, “So, I told Juss about this concept of Doraemon to work on. He suggested a few things and I said let’s make it a love song where the girl is wanting, hoping for the world to be like, you know have someone like Doraemon who would help her get the guy she likes.”

Lastly, we had to ask her about the video, which was something we have never seen from her, a completely different medium! Rini shared her thoughts, “It was a lot of hard work because I’ve never done a Chroma shoot before. I wasn’t really aware of the things to take into consideration, so that was one thing. It was really new for me. I wanted to do half-animation, half normal with graphics and all.”

Asking about delayed fame, she agrees referrals and contacts work more than talent, and she’s just as nervous as excited she is for this new release of her track.

Having heard the song and the video through her social media, we’re waiting for more projects.

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