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Rizgar Sak is an Ethical Businessman who Cares both for his Revenue and Corporate Social Responsibility

In today’s competitive world, a majority of businesses and their players only care for the profit margins. But there are some exceptions who are known for their philanthropic bent of mind. One of these include Rizgar Sak, the Chairperson of Dives Holding, a Dubai based business group, which deals with areas like construction, real estate, education, logistics and food. He comes from a businessman family which deals in carpet along with F & B. Born in 1976, he always wanted to take his family business at the global map. Once he completed his studies from abroad, he joined his family business.

His natural knack for business helped him grow family business to the next level at the same time, he dealt in different areas in diverse domains like real estate, logistics, customer service, general trading, and food chain. He was able to open up his offices in countries like Turkey, Dubai UAE and Iraq to name a few. In 2020, he embarked with his brand called Dives Holding. In his career so far, he has remained a man of words and ethics. He knows the art of building a strong relationship with his clients and staff.

Practising all the ethical values in business, he has given importance to Corporate Social Responsibility, he got connected to several charity organizations supporting their ventures. He has remained an avid believer in CSR that has made him contribute to several philanthropic projects. He used his brand to get associated with different platforms to create awareness regarding socially conscious business models. He also supports students with potential who are lagging behind financially with scholarships. Besides, he is also involved in food donations to the poor and downtrodden people through numerous NGOs and charity organizations.

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