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Road trips for discovering delicacies during Ramdaan this year

Ramadan the month of both fasting and feasting is here!

road trip

We have prepared a list to fill our tummies with yummies this ramdaan. In the evening when our Muslim buddies have offered their prayers, the markets opens and you find all sorts of stalls, shops, restaurants opening their doors for people to tantalize their taste buds. The food on offer is a mouth watering cuisines developed over the centuries and not found anywhere else in the world. But for the best experience of the Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (post-sunset meal), there are a few places that you absolutely must visit.  This is our must-do iftar places and delicacies you should be eating this ramdaan according to your geographical area so that you can plan out an exciting and satisfying trip with family and friends

NORTH INDIA: –  Explore North India in its true colours this ramdaan starting from old quarters i.e. old Delhi with haaji noora’s Nihari, a lavishly spiced goat stew and juicy kababs. You can also satiate your sweet tooth with  firni (a milk-and-rice dessert with the wonderful aroma of cardamom ) near nizamuddin station.  You must also visit purani dilli restaurant in south delhi for the best afgani chicken and Haleem which is a creamy pounded meat with lentils and spices.

Then comes Lucknow , the city of nawabs offers an extravaganza of delicacies with its perfected  cuisine over centuries of Mugal kingdoms. The Galoutis is a must have dish and even the non foodies should give it a try. An interesting fact is that the original version of this dish, is said to have included more than 100 spices. The flavours offered here are very different and hits a whole new level with Firni, Kulfi, Paya, Kulcha, Kebab, Sheermal and Nihari near Aish Bagh Idgah and Akbari Gate area. From there you can take route to SRINAGAR  in Ford Endeavor to zip through plane areas and  the valley bustling with activity and hissing sound of smoke of meat all around. The city has a festive air through the month and the tempting aromas beacon you .  The experience of celebrating Ramadan here with its lovely weather and  people is way apart from other cities in India.



 Kolkata has been the junction of various cultures and  distinctive cuisines. Kheerikabab for instance has a taste unique to the city. You can explore  biryani, or beef and mutton stews, or spareribs called mutton chaap the best food in the city at Bow bazaar, Zakaria Street and Nakhoda and colootala mosques. Sutli kabab  ( minced meat is tied together with a tread) is a dish not to be missed at Adam’s Kabab Shop on Pherr’s Lane. If you are visiting from other state then you should take a sedan car like Ford Aspire with excellent boot space for all your luggage requirements.



Mumbai the bollywood city celebrates  festivals with enthusiasm and aplomb like no other  and It may take you all of the holy month of Ramadan to eat your way through the choices Mumbai has to offer .. And like most cities in India the best food  at Ramadaan is out on the streets. From the kebabs at Mohammad Ali Road to the tandoor and desserts at Bohri Mohalla, there is truly something for everyone. The Nawab Bhai Kebabwala in Jogeshwari is well worth the search for its charcoal-grilled beef kebabs, and are the slow-cooked delicacies at Surti Barah Handi’s in Kalbadevi. You also have the kebabs of Al-Madina Fast Food, located in the Minar Masjid area. Pick a Ford Figo to miss the busy traffic in the city.

For a late-night plate of grilled meat, try the Bade Miyan food stall on Tullock Road in Apollo Bandar behind the Taj Mahal hotel. It boasts somewhat of a cult following among Bollywood names.



Ramadan is the best time to explore the rich culinary history of Hydrabad With meat, pulses and dates coming together in a mouthwatering combination. You would get the galaxy of different dishes here during Iftar and suhoor near Charminar Area . The firemost dish to be tried here is Haleem (Pista House)  the mildly spiced meat-and-lentil stew, is a standout dish during Ramadan and Hyderabad takes the specialty quite seriously . You should also try the Iconic Biryani at Toli Chowki Tekri Food Court and the ghosht dishes at Hyderguda Café Bahar at basheer bagh. Pick a ford freestyle to drive through the busy and crowded market seamlessly with is edgy maneuverable capabilities in tight spots


Most of the entries in this list are pretty obvious names because of their rich Muslim heritage and influence. But Bangalore stands out from the rest, and so does its Ramadan cuisine. The food you get is quite off-beat and different . The Kulfi Kebab at Riches is one of them; a delicious mix of minced chicken with all kinds of dried fruits, cooked slowly. Stalls in Tilak Nagar, especially the roasted ox tongue, and the Bheja Fry (Fried Goat Brain) from Albert Bakery are a must try. For a more conventional experience, visit the Dakhani Degh restaurant, which also has a unique desert dish worth trying called the Qubani ka Meetha.  

Pathar ka ghosht at MM Road is a  unique Hyderabadi specialty, it is actually meat (ghosht) cooked on a rock (pathar). A big slab of granite is cooked on top of red hot coals and slowly heated up. (It apparently takes 3-4 hours). Then the meat is cooked on the stone. This is supposed to sear the meat well and impart an earthy note. So plan out your next trip in Ford Ecosport and take your whole family or your best buddies for a tasty trip.

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