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Robots could be used to fight terrorism in Kashmir

A report has indicated that robots may be used to tackle terrorism in Kashmir. The report indicates that terrorism has resulted in the loss of lives of many Indian soldiers and robots can help put an end to such incidents. Apart from the deaths, terrorism has also resulted in crippling injuries, which in some cases are considered even worse. The robots will be used for both counter-insurgency and counter-terror operations. The robots will also be used to control stone-pelters in the Kashmir Valley. The stone pelting phenomenon has become quite common in Kashmir and it has posed a serious challenge to security forces in the area. In case of terrorists, the armed forces can engage them in direct combat, but it case of stone-pelters they have to practice considerable restraint. This restraint pushes them on the back foot and often results in soldiers getting hurt with the stones being thrown on them.

The robots will be very effective against stone-pelters and allow the armed forces to focus on other important counter-terrorism tasks. As per media reports, around 544 robots have been approved to be deployed in the Kashmir Valley. It is being said that a DRDO lab called CAIR had been working on the project for the last eight months. The robots are expected to be powered by artificial intelligence, which will allow them to handle complex situations.

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