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Romeos back on the streets, as Adityanath’s anti-romeo drive fizzles out in Meerut

Potential eve-teasers are back on the streets in Meerut, loitering around girls’ colleges and hostels, as the ambitious anti-romeo drive launched by UP Chief Minister Yogi Aditynath seems to have fizzled out. The situation in Meerut has gone back to what it was earlier. The anti-romeo drive was launched amid much fanfare and publicity and hundreds of potential eve-teasers were booked by police officials. However, the drive seems to have fizzled out, as unknown people could again be seen hanging around colleges and hostels looking for their next victim.

Some students said that it was just hype and no one expected it to last forever. However, the students also admitted that the drive has helped reduce the number of cases involving eve-teasing. When contacted, Meerut police officials said that the anti-romeo squads are still active, but now they function based on complaints and have stopped targeting random people. They said that they have received orders from the top to act only when they receive any complaint of harassment, eve-teasing or any other such issue.

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