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Rotten beef sold by top companies in Brazil

In a massive operation against beef processing plants in Brazil, the authorities have found that many of these companies were selling rotten beef. A significant percentage of the meat processed by these companies is exported to many countries including European nations. It may be recalled that Brazil is the largest red meat exporter in the world. The Brazilian authorities launched the operation Weak Flesh in six Brazilian States. In the operation, around 1000 officers were involved in carrying out the raids at various meat processing companies.

Three of the meat processing plants have been shut down and investigations are being conducted against 21 companies. The authorities have also suspended 33 government officials who are suspected of taking bribes for certifying rotten beef as good. The police said that these companies used carcinogenic chemicals including acid to mask the rottenness of beef. Some of the companies accused of selling rotten beef include leading brands such as JBS, the world’s largest beef exporter, and BRF, the world’s top poultry producer. However, both JBS and BRF have denied the allegations against them.

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