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Rs 45 lakh found hidden inside bananas at Kozhikode airport

The limitless ingenuity of smugglers became evident once again when two such people were caught smuggling Saudi Riyal worth Rs 45.69 lakh. The notes were cleverly concealed in bananas, making them appear quite inconspicuous at first glance. It would have gone unnoticed, but luckily, officials of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) had received a tip off, based on which they conducted a thorough search and confiscated the stash of money.


When the officials questioned the duo, they could not provide any valid reasons for carrying such huge amounts of cash. It clearly indicated that the money was unaccounted and was being smuggled out of the country. Officials said that the two people caught were probably money mules and they would have very little information about the gang that might actually be planning such smuggling operations. However, they said that they would continue to interrogate the duo to get as much information out of them as possible.

The bananas with the concealed notes were kept inside the check-in luggage of the two passengers. The duo was scheduled to travel to Dubai on Indigo flight 6E-88. Since security has been tightened at metro airports, smugglers have shifted their focus to airports in tier II cities such as Kozhikode. Earlier also there have been several cases of people trying to smuggle in or smuggle out a wide variety of stuff such as gold, diamonds, cigarettes, iPhones, etc. Intelligence experts say the core problem is that the masterminds seldom get caught, which makes it difficult to curb such smuggling operations.

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