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RSS leader puts 1 crore bounty on Kerala CM’s head; Shoe hurled at Gujarat minister

Across the nation, the political scene is getting increasingly violent. In the latest development, an Ujjain-based RSS leader Kundan Chandrawat has announced that he will give Rs 1 crore to anyone who can bring the head of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. Chandrawat holds the CM responsible for the deaths of RSS activists in the State, which is why he has announced a bounty of Rs 1 crore on his head.

“If anyone beheads the Kerala CM, who is the murderer of RSS activists, and brings his head I will bequeath my property worth more than Rs 1 crore to him,” said Chandrawat while addressing a group of people at Shahid Park in Ujjain town. Chandrawat also told the gathering that around 300 RSS activists have been killed in the State of Kerala.

In another incident, a shoe was hurled at Gujarat minister Pradeepsinh Jadeja. However, the shoe missed its target completely and brushed past the minister’s leg. Jadeja was quite surprised by the shoe attack as it was quite unexpected. The man who hurled the shoe has been arrested by the police. He has been identified as Gopal Itolia.

When questioned why he hurled the shoe at the minister, Itolia said that he was not happy with the working of the existing government. He accused the State government for its failures such as poor law and order situation, lax prohibition policy, and anti-poor policies.

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