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Russia blocks access to LinkedIn

downloadLinkedIn is well known as business and employment-oriented social networking website. Company started was founded in year December 12, 2002, but before it completes 14 years this 12th December, LinkedIn got bad news from Russia, as Russia has blocked the access to LinkedIn.

Over this news U.S. government said today that it was intensely concerned over Russia’s decision to block public access to networking site LinkedIn.

The restriction is made due to new norm formed in Russian which asks firms to operate in Russia, are required to store the Russian user data on server which located in Russia only.

Now the trouble may also be faced by other website like Twitter and Facebook to shift their data of Russian people on Russian based servers.

Today if anyone tried to access LinkedIn from Russia (using internet service provided by Russian telecom) the website was displaying prompt message “Access to the resource you requested is restricted.” 

Before this complete restriction of LinkedIn from Russia, on August 4, 2016, a Moscow court administrated that the site must be blocked in Russia because it disrupts a new law of data retention. This ban was sustained on 10 November 2016.

LinkedIn is a professional website which offers online recruitment, job posting and worldwide unique platform for business and career.   

In this regarding Russian government made a statement mentoring the requirement of such restriction due to assurance of Russian people’s personal data is secured. In process of such assurance, this is only possible if services are Russia based.

LinkedIn has sent an email to Russian users they are in discussion with telecoms regulators and will look for all ways and means to open the restriction. LinkedIn expressed regret on this event.

This restriction has affected over 6 million registered users in Russia with LinkedIn.

Before this in year 2009, Users from Syria reported about LinkedIn server stopped connecting from IP addresses assigned to Syria. Later on it was stated by the customer support that LinkedIn is US based company which are abide by the US export and re-export law and due to this regulation LinkedIn is not supposed to accept access from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria.

When this ban has definitely raised the eyes of LinkedIn officials, the other social networking website also would have tightened them to encounter this type of potential restriction to be faced in near future.   

By: Ashu Bisht

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