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Russia in discussions to sell its advanced MiG-35 fighter jets to India

India-Russia military cooperation has lasted many decades and now there’s a possibility of a new chapter being added with the proposal to sell the advanced MiG-35 to India. MiG Corporation Chief Ilya Tarasenko said that India has evinced interest in buying the advanced MiG-35 and talks are currently on to discuss the possibilities. Tarasenko said that MiG-35 are far better than the American F-35, which is a fifth generation fighter aircraft developed by Lockheed Martin. Tarasenko said that MiG-35 would beat the American F-35 in air to air combat. Tarasenko was speaking at the MAKS 2017 air show and he said that after launching the MiG-35 in January, the MiG Corporation is now promoting it in various parts of the world including India.

The MiG-35 is 4++ generation multipurpose fighter jet, one of the most advanced produced by Russia. Tarasenko said that talks with India are currently in negotiations phase. He said that technical specifications were being discussed and also the key question of how the MiG-35 would suit India’s air defense needs. Tarasenko said that since MiG-35 is a new plane, changes will have to be made to suit the needs and requirements of Indian Air Force (IAF). Tarasenko said that MiG-35 will offer various advantages such as after-sales service which will be included in the cost of the aircraft. The prices are also 20–25 percent cheaper than competitor aircrafts, Tarasenko said.

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