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Ryan school murder: Accused class XI student remanded to CBI custody

After CBI made one of the most shocking revelations of the year today, the senior student who has been accused of murdering class II student Pradyuman Thakur, has been sent to CBI custody. Earlier today, the CBI had dropped a bombshell, when it revealed that the killer of Pradyuman could be one of the senior students and not the bus conductor, as was earlier suspected. The new suspect in the case is a 16-year senior student from the same Ryan School, who is in 11th standard. The order to give CBI custody of the accused student was pronounced by the Juvenile Justice Court in Gurugram. This clearly indicates that CBI must have substantial proof in the case. The family of Pradyuman had earlier also said that the bus conductor was being framed and that the killer was someone else. Now, the CBI investigation appears to follow that thought.

The advocate representing Pradyuman’s family said that they will try to get the harshest punishment for the accused student. The advocate said that the accused student should undergo trial as an adult and should be hanged. It is alleged that the accused class XI student murdered Pradyuman since he wanted to delay an exam and a parent-teacher meeting. It is alleged that he had boasted among his friends that the exam and the meeting will definitely be cancelled. The CBI also said that an important video footage was ignored during the earlier investigation. The CBI also has forensic evidence to show the involvement of the student accused in the murder of Pradyuman.

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