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Sadhus unfazed even with increased security threat; begin Amarnath Yatra

True to their unshakable belief in god and his will, thousands of sadhus will be going on Amarnath Yatra, even when intel inputs have shown a significantly high risk of terrorist attacks. The first batch of sadhus who have started on their Amarnath Yatra appeared completely unfazed by the increased security threat. It is something that shows that faith in the almighty can help people overcome their deepest fears and to focus on living in the present and enjoying every moment that is there. However, security agencies do not want to take any chances and have increased security all along the route.

Sadhus and other pilgrims have been advised to remain vigilant and stay in authorized camps only. It has been noticed that terrorists often target unauthorized camps that are not protected by security forces. Intel reports indicate that terrorists are planning one of their biggest strikes ever, wherein they plan to kill pilgrims and policemen. The sadhus are providing their full support to security forces, as they are getting their registrations done and are willing to get themselves frisked.

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