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Sahil Malik

Owner- Da Milano, Wooba and RossoBrunello

shahil malikSahil Malikhas built an empire, taking over Da Milano as Managing Director, and kickstarting the brands Wooba and Russo Brunello, both premium, high quality accessories brands.

After an academic stint at NIFT, Mr.Malik joined the family business which then was a two-retail-store business in the capital city of Delhi.The brand now runs 60 stores, all spearheaded by Malik.

He always felt a lack of western touch in the Indian market hence the company then started working with Italian designers on freelance basis, before setting up his own studio to ensure the designs are at par with the international standard. He personally visits his store regularly to interact with the customers and get their feedback on where the brand is lacking their demands, patterns, size and style and accordingly they mould and change their new collection.

 In addition to running Da Milano, Malik is a highly sought-after retail expert, who regularly speaks at leading conferences and events, awarded with various entrepreneurial awards & accolades, and is also a key member of the Champions for Change initiative run by the Government of India.

Sahil Malik is simultaneously running three individual brands, and created a niche for himself in the luxury-accessories industry:

  1. Da Milano

Da Milano debuted in 1989 with first store in Delhi as one of the only international luxury brands so early in India of Italian descent with curated designs. The boutique soon caught immediate attention amongst the market. Since then, it has thrived and expanded due to the ability of the brand to be stable in turbulent market conditions, by anticipating and influencing fashion. What’s simple and classic is intentionally reconsidered and revised into a new and modern perspective.

Today Da Milano offers men’s and women’s leather goods and travel luggage combining contemporary, innovative and sophisticated design with the uniqueness of handcrafted products.

As of date, the brand’s distribution network extends across 8 countries, counting 75 Directly Operated Stores including 14 airports globally , brand’s e-commerce, a selection of luxury department stores and retailers in the most prestigious and exclusive locations of the world.

  1. Wooba   

WOOBA was born in 2016 from the independent and unconventional spirit of Da Milano. It began as an expression of femininity, and the charisma of the modern woman evolving in contemporary society.
Since its incorporation, has established itself as a youthful brand, paying close attention to curating handcrafted designs that fit into the modern market. It aims to underline and express the value of quality and refinement, while keeping the designs chic and relevant to the ever-changing definition of ‘style’.

 As of date, the brand’s distribution network extends across 2 countries, counting 3 Directly Operated Stores, brand’s e-commerce, a selection of handpicked retailers in exclusive locations and airports of the world.          

  1. RossoBrunello

It was established in 2010 with the foresight of providing fashionable footwear that was tailored to fashion conscious men and women.
A brand that transforms the latest trends into accessible fashion, it is the fashion destination for stylish urbanites and is synonymous with curated collections of relevant designs.

It has grown to more than 34 stores in Asia and the Middle East. The brand has also garnered a strong presence online with attention to key detail and comfort, are the driving forces of the brand and it continues to deliver more to its customers by continuous trend forecasting and in-house designing. 

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