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Sai Teerth park

SaiTeerth, India’s first immersive devotional theme park dedicated to the most worshipped secular saint of all times – Saibaba. SaiTeerthis founded in 2018 by Malpani Group is one of the modern wonders, which combines devotion with technology and entertainment. SaiTeerth is located in Shirdi.

The one-of-a-kind amusement park which combines devotion with technology and entertainment

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SaiTeerth has four major attractiontemple ride named TirthYatra, a movie based on Sai Baba – Sabka Malik Ek , an experience featuring animatronics and robotics titled Dwarkamai after the place Sai Baba spent much of his life, and Lanka Dahan, which is described as a 5D show in a 5D theatre.

Four custom-built, world-class themed attractions are all set to amaze visitors with size and power of experience created within each of them. Travel to all the holy lands of India and visit all the famous pilgrimage sites like Badrinath, Dwarka, Siddhivinayak, JagganathPuri in just 12 minutes with our ‘Temples of India’ Attraction.

View Sai Baba and his life on a giant screen and learn more about his life and hardships. It is shown in a 500-seat theatre on what is reportedly the largest screen ever installed in a theme park

As the final attraction, get the divine blessings of Sai Baba with India’s first ever blessing experience created using animatronics and robotics – a humanoid show like never before.

Relive the famous historical Lanka Dahan in a mind-blowing, never-before 5-D experience.

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