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Sakra World Hospital’s “Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program” wins Prestigious QCI Award for its Impeccable Delivery of Quality Care

The Rehabilitation Program has been a bliss for patients with respiratory disorders and significantly continues to improve the quality of life of Covid-19 survivors

Bangalore, February 25, 2020: Sakra World Hospital, one of Bangalore’s premier healthcare organisations that boasts of Japanese cutting-edge technology delivering breakthrough healthcare in India, now has another feather in its hat. Sakra World Hospital has recently been awarded with the prestigious D L Shah QCI Award – the highest quality award rating an organisation on stringent quality parameters for its Quality Project on Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR), a standard of care alongside other well-established treatments for patients with chronic respiratory disorders, demonstrates physiological, symptom reducing, psychosocial, and health economic benefits in multiple outcome areas for the patients. At present, Sakra World Hospital is conducting two scientific research studies to analyse the impact of such kind of innovative approach on patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders (COPD) and Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD). The award-winning Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Sakra World Hospital provides a comprehensive rehabilitation approach aimed at patients with not only chronic respiratory disorders but also who have recovered from Covid-19 to regain their physical activity levels, reduce dependency on supplemental oxygen, improve quality of life and most importantly, cope better with the emotional and psychological impact of the disease. The program uses a data-driven approach to bring about a change in ways healthcare practitioners design treatment methods and also reimagine rehabilitation standards in India.

When Ajay, 69, returned home from the hospital after battling Covid-19 for 16 days in the ICU, he found difficulties in doing basic self-care activities and had to be on oxygen support until he enrolled himself for the program at Sakra where he underwent comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation, and was gradually weaned off from oxygen support. The program helped Ajay improve his respiratory system as well as exercise tolerance. “Post Covid-19, I developed serious breathing problems which in turn, affected my daily routine and mobility. Thanks to the team at Sakra World Hospital for introducing this pulmonary rehab program that has helped me regain my ability to independently do all daily activities. I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga therapy and Tai-chi sessions and was highly motivated to further continue sessions on an outpatient basis to regain a better quality of life,” he said.

Ditto with Mumbai-based Sanjay, 68 who developed Pulmonary Fibrosis as a sequel to Covid-19. The guided rehabilitation program through video consultations improved his chest tightness, sleep pattern, mobility around the house and emotional health. “Through the virtual therapy sessions, the doctors and the rehab team helped me gradually to recover from all my limitations,” he said.

Expressing his delight on winning the prestigious QCI Award, Saril V.S, AGM and Programme Director – Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Sakra World Hospital, shared, “Our aim is to help every individual with chronic lung problems to improve their lung capacity and quality of life with the help of our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program that comprises of a multi-disciplinary team of specialists including Expert Physiatrists (Rehab physician), Pulmonology Specialist and other specialty doctors, Specialized cardiopulmonary Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Rehab Nurses, Speech therapists, Yoga therapists, Naturopathy Specialists, Geriatric physiotherapists, Pulmonology Technicians, Clinical nutritionist, Clinical psychologists and Assistive Technology experts. Our unique patient support group called “ReAspire Club” organizes events where patients with lung disorders and their family members get to connect with others with similar problems. This innovative program has been a boon for patients recovering from COVID-19. We are glad that the jury members were happy to see a clinical project as kaizen, giving immense benefits to patients, appreciated our patient centric approach and most importantly, meticulous data collection in a real busy hospital. They were very impressed to witness how we changed the conventional mind-set of doctors to try something innovative like this. Their verdict of this program being a role model for a major change in Indian Healthcare system has given us the confidence to try more such innovative programs in future.”

“We have been awarded in recognition of our superior quality of work. We can make better clinical decisions now with our data driven approach as patients are able to enjoy life by regulating dependency on drugs and optimizing their natural ability to cope up” said Ms. Komal Agarwal, Senior Team Leader- Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation at Sakra Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (SIRS).

“This is a historic landmark in the Rehabilitation Medicine in India. The power of Indo-Japanese collaboration through Kaizen is here to make the much needed changes in our approaches, combining the best of technology with compassionate care. This is the best that any patient could get from anywhere in the world” said Dr.Maheswarappa.B.M, HOD & Sr Consultant, Sakra Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (SIRS).

There are more than 30 health related outcome parameters measured periodically that appraises the patient’s progress against global benchmarks. This recognition from the Quality Council of India is a validation for its patient centric healthcare delivery model, setting new standards in India.

This unique initiative has previously won Gold Award in 14th SECOM Research Competition in Japan in 2019, Best Kaizen Award at National Kaizen Championship and was declared a runner up in Asia Pacific Kaizen Championship by Toyota Tsusho Japan. In India, the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program by Sakra World Hospital was selected among the top 3 innovative initiatives in FICCI Healthcare Awards 2019.

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