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Salman Khan given benefit of doubt and acquitted

A Jodhpur court today gave Salman Khan the benefit of doubt in order to acquit him in a arms case dating back to 1998. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was accussed of carrying an unlicensed gun that he used for hunting Deer in Rajasthan.

Mr. Khan was dressed in a crisp white shirt and had come with his sister Alvira. The verdict was announced almost immediately and he was allowed to go in a few minutes. Mr. Khan’s lawyer said that his client did not use the unlicensed guns, he just used the air guns. Also, the cause of the deer’s death was said to be dog bite and gunshot of another gun. Another witness who was supposed to depose, did not turn up.

Mr. Khan had spent a week in jail in 2007 due to this case. Many activists said that this case is a loss for the judiciary, which has allowed a rich star to go scot free and not prusued the reason for the witness not turning up. Witnesses turning hostile has been a hallmark of many of Mr. Khan’s legal cases. Mr. Khan has faced many legal cases in the past, but with his acquittal in this case, Mr. Khan is now a free man, with no more cases pending against his name.

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