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Salman Khan’s 2002 hit and run case

Delhi, India : Salman khan, an in-demand, famous, popular and most desired actor of bollywood got bail against a bond of Rs 30000 from high court. Fans were also happy and celebrated the verdict day as a festival distributed sweets, sang songs and danced on bollywood songs.

But, the same clad or community shouts, come on streets, disturb and block the roads that justice is reserved only for rich and affluent peoples. They can make & twist rules according to the requirement.

We are not against the Star Salman Khan but we are in favor of justice, unbiased rules, law & order and upmost to humanity. This is not a first case that happened or come in light. There are many peoples who were accused of hit and run case and a lot of them has spent their entire life or big chunk that is more than sentenced they might get. Even, No body know about them , no body care about them.

All, such type of accused would play with justice in this way. Accused and lawyers will give reference of this verdict and will play with law & order and will keep assuming roads as the track of F1 race.

Ultimately, common man will suffer the consequence of this overed love and support to. This is a victory of heart over mind & consciousness.


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