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Same-Sex Marriage

same sex marriage np

It is a marriage between same sex. Gay marriage is the most controversial issue in this modern society. In many cultures homosexuality is viewed with disrespect and marriage between the same sex couple was forbidden.

However, homo sexual relationship are slowly gaining acceptance in some countries. Homosexuals  are raising their voice for the rights of equality as other genders are getting. But, in India, the people have not accepted for same sex marriage, as the tradition and culture does not let them to accept homo sexual relationships. The people will think that legalizing the marriage between the same sex would create a negative impact on the society.

 Gay activist claim that it is against the basic civil rights, for not allowing them to marry with same sex.

Denmark was the first country to establish civil Union law including Australia and some state of the US, in an attempt to resolve the compilation of gay marriage. The Netherlands was the first country to legalize gay marriage in 2001 followed Belgium, South Africa, Canada. But there are still many countries that have not legalised for same sex marriage many homo sexual people are still lacking to get their  right. It is difficult to tell in India the same sex marriage is legal or illegal because in some places gay or homosexuals, are getting married to the same sex people, it is mainly seen in the film industries. For example, the famous celebrity Bobby Darling, who was the Big Boss contestant in India changed his name to Pakhi Sharma after undergoing some gender transformation and she got married to Ramnik Sharma in 2016 and he is a Bhopal based road constructor.

By-Amreen Taj

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