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SAMI Direct introduces Calci D MaxTM, a Proprietary Food Supplement to support Bone Health

  • Reduces risk of bone fractures which increases due to low of bone mineral density
  • Increases bone mineral density
  • Facilitates calcium retention, maintains bone mass
  • Stimulates bone protein synthesis
  • Nutrient bioavailability enhancer

The strength of a bone is determined by its material composition and structure. Healthy bones need to be stiff and resist deformation, and at the same time must be flexible to withstand compression and tension without cracking.

Chennai ,September 23,2014: SAMI Direct, one of India’s leading health science company, has today introduced a new product Calci D MaxTM, a unique combination of clinically proven ingredients to support bone health.

Calci D MaxTM is a unique composition derived from Calcium Citrate Malate, a water soluble supplement, which facilitates calcium retention & maintains bone mass and is the most bioavailable calcium form, Vitamin D3, derived from fermentation process, which promotes mineralization of bone, Zinc Monomethionine which stimulates bone protein synthesis and BioPerine® (Sabinsa’s widely patented & standardized extract of Black Pepper) provides nutrient bioavailability enhancer that ensures improved absorption of the nutrients through the digestive process.

Key issues which lead to poor health of bone include poor physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet, genetic & hormonal factor. Mostly Calcium is available in the market as Calcium Carbonate which is a very poorly bioavailable ingredient, but Calcium Citrate Malate and the other ingredients in Calci D MaxTM have proven to be bioavailable and to maintain good bone health.

Founder and Chairman, Dr Muhammed Majeed, Sami Group said that, “Calcium is a vital mineral which helps in building of new bone and is not produced by your body, but from your dietary intake. The function of dietary calcium is largely defined in terms of bone mineralization and the resultant density and strength of the skeleton. Clinical studies have verified that daily intake of health supplements, such as those rich in Calcium Citrate Malate and other suitable ingredients have proven to maintain good bone health. Daily intake of Calci D MaxTM, a combination of Calcium Citrate Malate, Vitamin D3, Zinc Monomethionine and BioPerine® provides adequate bone mineral density and further reduces the risk of bone fractures.”

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