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Samsung explains the reason for its exploding phones

Global electronics major Samsung has said that it has figured out the major reasons for the overheating and subsequent exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones. After the Galaxy Note 7 phones were launched, consumers across the World complained that their phones would become very hot after sometime of usage and would catch fire. They would also explode in some cases. Aviation authorities across the World had prohibited users from carrying these phones in airports and aboard aeroplanes.

Samsung had initially identified the issue to be of faulty batteries that were supplied to them from a particular manufacturer, .i.e. Samsung SDI Co, which is a Samsung affiliate. Samsung had recalled over 2.5 million phones which had these faulty batteries. They had then used batteries that were manufactured by another vendor Amperex Technology Ltd, which is based in Hong Kong and manufactures in China. The new Note 7s which had batteries that were manufactured by this vendor also experienced the same problems. Samsung had to recall all the Galaxy Note 7s and had to stop production of all new phones. The electronics giant is said to have faced a loss of more than $5 billion.

The major reason for the batteries catching fire is said to have been the wrong fit of the battery and the phone. The batteries were said to be a little thicker than what had been decided and were catching fire due to this. The South Korean MNC will be sharing a full report about this later in the day.

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