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Sanskar Sharma

Co-Founder, Sanzar Futureteq Private Limited

sanskarBorn in Jodhpur and brought up as a true Mumbaikar, Sanskar Sharma at the age of 24 years has his sights set on the world of technology and has taken the plunge into creating innovative products in the smart wearables space.

Sanskar has an undergraduate degree majoring in Economics and minors in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management from Indiana University – Bloomington, USA. His keenness to pursue entrepreneurship led him to hone his skills and gain experience in the early stages of his career, through his role in the Strategy & Planning department in the advertising agency – IBD India, part of Percept Group.

Having grown up in the household of a 1st generationentrepreneur, it meant business was always the ambition and motivation. Sanskar was constantly surrounded by business jargons, debates and literature. Thus, it was no surprise these influences inspired him to take the entrepreneurial plunge, so early in his career. Additionally, the allure of being his own boss has driven him throughout his childhood and even college days. His firm belief in the age-old notion that a company’s productsshouldmake a lasting impact on one’s life, whether by making a daily task easier or providing some form of fulfilment,deeply impacted his business decision.

In 2016, he co-founded Sanzar Futureteq;having worked on the ideation, vision and mission of the company, he along with his team identified new product opportunities and are actively working on building the new business venture in smart wearables. Their first product launch is an affordable kids GPS smartwatch, which they aim to sell by Q2 2018. He believes this product meets the demands of what a ‘Sanzar Futureteq product’ should be: Innovative, Reliable & Affordable. The smartwatch, targeted at kids between the ages of 6-12, is meant to provide parents a peace of mind as it enables them to stay in touch with their loved ones at all times, and in the case of an emergency, allows them to be contacted via a SOS button. 

In the future, the company aims to develop a multi-dimensional softwareplatform upon which smart wearables with different use cases can operate. One example is a smart wearable product for the elderly market, which he feels is currently unaddressed. The product would aim to provide the senior citizens of our nation, timely attention and care.

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