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SARCASM: Maggi and Baba Ramdev

In a sparkling revolution Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has created a drink that will lower the amount of lead within the body from Maggi and will also help faster recovery of organs. Seeing the latest development in the Maggi controversy Baba Ramdev and his team carried out extensive research with in their laboratory located in the high altitudes of uttarakhand and have created a tonic that will clean up the human system.
Speaking to general public authorities at the research Centre said leaves and trees from all over the world were combined in a calculated manner to reach out to this innovative drink. The drink will be available in market for public consumption with in next 15days. In Public statement yoga guru also requested the public to pass on the drink to their relatives in far lands where the organization did not have any shops.
The detoxication process is expected to take around a period of 15 days or more depending on the level of Maggi consumption in the lifetime. For starters the drink will only be available in 3 flavors Orange, Lemon and Aam Panna.
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By: Manu Arora

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