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Sasikala explains why she didn’t become CM after Jayalalithaa’s death

Sasikala today explained her reasons for not taking up the CM’s post after Jayalalithaa’s death. She said that everyone in the party including O Panneerselvam had requested her to become CM, but she refused because she wanted to be by the side of Amma’s body. At that time, the post of CM was not important for her, as she was emotionally affected by Amma’s death. Sasikala also targeted Panneerselvam, saying that he was helped by Jayalalithaa to reach the heights of his political career, but now he is trying to divide the AIADMK. She said that Panneerselvam has proved with his recent acts that he is not loyal to the party.

Sasikala further narrated Amma’s story, saying that Amma had experienced something similar when MGR had died. Amma was sidelined by other members of AIADMK, who wanted to take control of the party after MGR’s death. Amma was even pushed out of the vehicle that was carrying MGR’s body. When Amma fell down, Sasikala picked her up and took her to her Poes Garden home. There, Amma fainted and had to be revived after splashing water on her face. Amma did not want to continue in politics, but Sasikala urged her to continue. Sasikala said that she is experiencing the same events that happened with Amma. She said that she will not be pushed back, as she has the support of 129 legislators. She appeared confident of forming the government in the State.

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