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Sasikala to meet governor to form government; MLA claims death threat from OPS camp

The political equations in Tamil Nadu are currently no different from a seesaw, with both Sasikala and Panneerselvam (OPS) camps claiming to have the support of the MLAs. Today, Sasikala wrote a letter to the Governor Vidyasagar Rao, asking him for his permission to meet him to prove the support of MLAs. Sasikala wrote that it has been seven days since Panneerselvam resigned from the chief minister’s post and the situation is getting very tense and complicated with each passing day. She urged the governor to act on a priority basis so that the sovereignty of the constitution, democracy and the interest of the State could be preserved. In her letter, Sasikala has claimed the support of majority of MLAs in Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, police and revenue officials visited the luxury resort where 120 MLAs of AIADMK are staying. The officials wanted to check whether they are staying there on their own or being forced to stay there. Panneerselvam had alleged that the MLAs are being kept in the resort against their wish and will be used by Sasikala to prove majority in the House. The police officials interviewed each and every MLA individually and took their statement in writing. The statements will be submitted to the court on Monday. After the police concluded their investigation, some MLAs talked to the media, saying that they are there on their own and there is no force being used. One MLA said that he was getting death threats from Panneerselvam camp.

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