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Save Creativity, Save Lamakaan

Lamakaan is a precious landmark of Hyderabad for theater artists, singers, book launches and several other activities related to improvement of human mind. It is a place where an art loving Hyderabadi takes his visiting guests for a wonderful and supremely satisfying show, and he spends a lot less than he would in a multiplex, only Rs.100/- per person.

At any given day, you can see young boys and girls with talent and bubbling enthusiasm, gathered in the meeting hall, sitting on the steps, standing on the road outside, discussing finer points of the play they had seen last night, laughing and enjoying chai and samosa. Lamakaan is not just an open air theater for talented performers with no money in their pockets, and a group of 100-150 discerning audience, but a movement which has provided a launching pad to many theater groups like Sutradhar, Rangadhara, Udan, Nishumbita, Drammanon…the list is endless. Lamakaan is to Hyderabad, what Chhabildas is to Mumbai. Closing Lamakaan down would be as cruel as cutting down a tree in full bloom, which of course is favorite hobby of GHMC.

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