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Where’s our conscious?

For a moment if we stop stewing in our own juice and bother to consider our role as a thorn in nature’s flesh; we did be contrite.

Rapacity bred in our bones has given us such temerity that a mere creation of nature has rendered its creator ‘insalubrious’.

Obnoxious odours of water bodies, waste spewed in the air, receding green cover, meadows turned into marshes, enfettered wildlife on the brink of extinction and many more irrevocable damages have been done – “nature is languishing in obscurity”. Exploitation of nature’s bounties and our ‘I don’t care’ attitude has created a vicious circle which is bound to engulf all of humanity unless we transmogrify. The issue of global warming is a vexed question; fluctuations in weather patterns, frequent floods and droughts and other menacing repercussions will change the course of our existence.

It’s time we pay heed to the wake-up call; gird up our loins and undo the wrong that we have committed.

Our money mindedness has consumed us from within, we need to break free from its shackles and turn puritanical.

Indisputably, Mother Nature will condone our insipient souls. Get up now for convalescence will take its own sweet time.

Save every drop of water that you can- picture it as a pint of blood oozing from a wound. Save trees, Save electricity, Save wildlife. Coerce others to do their part. Savings may be minimal. But it counts. Sound of a trillion steps marching towards sustainability does count. Remember, en bloc we can make a difference.

 By: Shirohi Govil

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