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image002While the monsoon, with its cooling showers and winds has given us that much-needed respite from the scorching summer sun, it also comes with its own set of beauty woes – skin breakouts, brittle nails, dry frizzy hair  among others that need combatting. It may be wise to follow a daily routine, but a pampering monsoon package at Lakmé Salon can save your skin and hair from long-lasting damage, and make you look runway ready come rain or shine! 

Indulge in a quick fix for the monsoon with the Monsoon Quick Care package that takes care of excess oils with ‘Acne Scar Reducing Facial’. Having muck and puddles all around, might make a tall order to have ‘happy feet’. Indulge in an ‘Aroma pedicure’ that will not only make feet look pretty, but will prevent brittle nails during the rainy season.  The package also includes a De-Stress spa or an Enhance spa that nourishes sensitized and dry frizzy hair respectively. Priced Rs. 1,950 onwards, the package is ideal for those that want to look Monsoon ready.

For those of you that want extensive care, opt for the Rain care Regime package. Priced Rs. 3,450 onwards, the package lets you pamper your dry skin with the Lakmé Gloss Intense Hydrating Ritual, an indulgent chocolate pedicure and Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating or Restorative Spa to hydrate and restore hair to its naturally beautiful state.

Shailesh Moolya, National Creative Director – Hair, Lakmé Salon says that “Due to the nature of our climate, especially in the monsoon, there is excess oil production in the scalp, leading to oily hair. The heightened moisture makes tresses look limp and dull. Apart from this, dandruff, hair loss and even lice are recurring hair problems that occur during the rainy season. It is extremely important to take good care of your hair during this season.”

Disha Meher, National Expert – Skin and Nails at Lakmé Salon says “Lakmé Salon offers a variety of services to rejuvenate skin and keep it healthy during the monsoon. Available across the country, these packages can be customized to all skin types.”

So fear the rain no more – Lakmé Salon will get you prepped and monsoon ready. Smile and shine on even without the sun!

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