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School teacher arrested for sexually abusing 200 children over 10 years

Police officials in Jaipur have arrested an alleged pedophile teacher Rameez, who is accused of sexually abusing more than 200 school children over a period of 10 years. The police have also seized a mobile phone memory card which contains pornographic videos of children shot by the accused. Angry parents and locals are now demanding death penalty for the pervert teacher. It is alleged that Rameez used to sexually abuse children and make videos of the acts. He also forced students to engage in sexual acts. He would then film all these and warn the students that if they disclose any of these to anyone they would be killed. Out of fear, the students remained silent for many years.

However, some time back, a group of students managed to remove the money card from Rameez’s phone and submitted the same to the school administration. But, the school administration did not inform the police and just fired Rameez. After parents came to know about this, they held a protest in Ramganj police station, forcing the police to arrest Rameez. The police are now requesting more students to come up and file their complaint so that the accused could get maximum punishment for his prevent crimes. With so many pornographic videos seized from Rameez’s mobile phone, police suspect that he may also be involved in pornographic video business.

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