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Scientists close to making hack-proof, quantum computers

Researchers in Australia have successfully tested a new ‘flip-flop’ chip design, which they claim can one day enable humankind to build hack-proof quantum computers. Such computers will be thousands of times faster than the current generation of super computers. The design of the chip is such that it can be easily produced at scale. Quantum computers would harness the unique ability of subatomic particles that have shown to exist in more than one place at a time. Such computers would have immense problem solving capabilities, allowing them to solve complex problems in just a few seconds. Quantum computers are also expected to be completely hack-proof.

The research team at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney said that their chip design is based on a new type of quantum bit. In the standard computers that we use every day, the basic unit of information is a bit, but in quantum computers, the basic unit of information is known as a qubit. Researchers said that their new chip design would enable a silicon quantum processor to overcome the challenges of existing designs. Some of the main challenges include the need for atoms to be accurately placed and allowing them to be coupled or ‘entangled’ even when placed apart from each other. The flip-flop chip design tested by researchers will be able to overcome such challenges. It will also allow the chips to be manufactured using the existing technology being used for manufacturing computer chips.

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