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Scientists create new eye test to detect autism

Scientists have created a new type of eye test, which can help detect autism spectrum disorder (ASD). According to researchers, the new eye test can detect deficits in cerebellum, which would indicate towards autism. The cerebellum is a part of brain that is responsible for emotional and social development. Speaking about the new eye test, John Foxe from University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) in the US said, “These findings build upon a growing field of research that show that eye movement could serve as a window into a part of the brain that plays a role in a number of neurological and development disorders, such as Autism.”

All humans make rapid eye movements, which occurs when we look from one object to another. For example, in a tennis match, when we keep following the ball from one side to another. This movement of eyes is known as saccades. It plays an important role in helping us navigate, understand and interact with things and people around us. In a normal human being, these saccades are precise and fast-paced, but the same is slow and inaccurate in case of people with autism. The deficiency in the cerebellum of ASD individuals prevents the saccades from functioning properly. In the eye test designed by the scientists, individuals were required to track a specific target. Individuals with ASD mostly failed in the test, as their saccades don’t function properly.

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