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Scientists discover 130 million year old marine reptile Pliosaurus fossil in Russia

In a significant finding, Scientists have discovered the fossil of a large marine reptile, which is estimated to date back to 130 million years. Scientists said that it is a new species that has been discovered and it is the fossil of a predator marine reptile. The finding is significant since earlier it was believed that no such reptile had survived the two Jurassic extinction events. The fossil discovered provides a glimpse of the enormity of the marine reptile, as the skull itself measures 2 meters in length. Pliosaurus also has enormous teeth and extremely powerful jaws, which made them the top level oceanic predators during the ‘Age of Dinosaurs’.

Researchers have also been able to get vital clues related to the evolution of this marine reptile and how they were able to survive during the Jurassic extinction event. Scientists are currently using advanced technology tools to see if they can find clues that would reveal how these mammoth creatures were eventually wiped out forever from the depths of ancient oceans. Speaking about the unique characteristics of the reptile’s rostrum, Valentin Fischer, lecturer at the Universite de Liege in Belgium said, “This is the most striking feature, as it suggests that Pliosaurus colonized a much wider range of ecological niches than previously assumed.”

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