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Scientists discover Angel particle that can make computers 100 million times faster

In a major breakthrough, scientists have discovered the Angel particle that can be used to create computers that will be at least 100 million times faster than the current computers. The Angel particle was theorized some 80 years back, but it’s only now that it has actually been identified and confirmed to exist. Modern science classifies most of the universe comprising matter and anti-matter, which were produced in equal amounts at the time of the Big Bang. It is said that when matter and anti-matter collide, they annihilate each other and produce a vast amount of energy. Already, there are many spaceship designs that theorize that controlled matter and anti-matter explosions can be used to power future spaceships.

However, some 80 years ago in 1937, an Italian theoretical physicist Ettore Majorana proposed the idea of a completely different kind of particles known as fermions, which are neither matter nor anti-matter. Google and NASA’s quantum computing system D-Wave is already clocking speeds 100 million times faster than a traditional desktop computer, but this was only achievable in a test environment. Practical usage was limited since bits needs to be isolated from noise, something that was difficult to achieve till now. However, things could change now with the discovery of the Angel particle since these particles have the capability to safely transfer data at extremely high speeds.

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