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Scientists discover dinosaur footprint tracks in China

Scientists in China have made a thrilling discovery of dinosaur footprint tracks. The dinosaur footprints were discovered in Jilin province of China. As per information provided by scientists in China, the dinosaur footprints were discovered on a rural mountain road in Longjing city. The discovery was reported as early as 2015, but it has been confirmed this week only. It may be recalled that such findings have to be evaluated by an international audience before it is accepted as a valid discovery. It took international experts around a couple of years to successfully validate the findings to be that of dinosaurs.

Speaking on the development, associate professor from China University of Geosciences Xing Lida said, “The tracks include footprints of 55 cm long hadrosaurs. The dinosaur’s body could have reached seven meters long.” Xing also said that footprints of several carnivorous dinosaurs have also been discovered. The footprints of these carnivorous dinosaurs measure between 21 and 43 centimeters. The discovery is being considered significant, as it will help researchers to understand the diversity of the region’s landscape during the Cretaceous period.

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