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Scientists very close to finding a permanent cure for common cold

It has become an annual ritual for many of us to contract common cold and suffer for 7-15 days, all while irritating others around us. The really unfortunate ones may even get common cold multiple times during the year. The problem is that the common cold virus constantly mutates, leaving our immune system vulnerable to new mutations of the virus. Vaccines are also ineffective since they would become useless after the common cold virus mutates. However, there’s good news in that scientists are very close to finding a permanent cure for common cold. Having to deal with a miserable runny nose and coughs and sneezes can soon be a thing of the past, as scientists may be able to find the right solution to the problem.

The permanent cure for common cold is being researched by a team from Edinburgh Napier University. The virus that causes common cold is rhinovirus and the team has been studying the effects of this virus for five years. The researchers found that whenever the rhinovirus attacks an individual, the body’s immune system increases the production of tiny ‘antimicrobial peptide’ molecules, which have the capability to eliminate the rhinovirus. The researchers believe that these antimicrobial peptides can be produced commercially and made available as medicine for common cold. The scientists are even planning to modify the peptide to make it more effective at fighting rhinovirus.

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