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Secret of Victoria Secret Models with Fresh Skin in winter

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Have you ever thought how Victoria Secret Models keep their skin fresh especially in winters? There is no doubt that these beauties are no less than angels with best skin even in winters. Blusheee fashion has brought to you real secrets from the world most attractive and beautiful models.

There is always a gorgeous glow on skin of these beauty angels. In order to keep your skin fresh like these models in winter, take a look by Blushee fashion what these models do.   

Fresh Skin Beauty Secrets for winter:


1.  Use more water:

According to these models, in order to keep your skin fresh especially in winter stay hydrated and drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day to have flawless skin.

2.  Take Vitamins:

These models take good intake of vitamins especially in winter to keep their skin fresh. They consult doctors and nutritionist for vitamins that helps them to keep their skin fresh.

3.  Fresh juices:

According to these models fresh juices especially of berries, green juice, apple and oranges keep their skin glow and hydrated in winter.

4.  Steam process:

Steam for few minutes only keeps their skin fresh and hydrated. It’s a great way to blush out all toxins to get fresh skin in winter.

5.   Healthy food:

These models revealed that to keep their skin fresh in winters they eat fish and veggies a lot. It’s a substantial way to take nutrients and proteins that helps in keeping skin fresh.

Blusheee fashion will also tell you secret beauty products these models use for fresh skin in winter.

Skin Beauty products used by these models in winter: 

1.  Facial Masks:

Victoria Secret Models use facial masks which contains vitamin B3, which helps in nourishing their skin and gives their skin a dewy glow in winter. This gives them a flawless beauty look.

2.  Face Primer:

These models use face primer for the look of dewy and hydrated skin and also for the prep of foundation.

3.  Eye Cream:

These models use eye creams to release retinol molecules hour by hour. It helps them to keep them away from dark circles and keep their eye bags fresh.

4.  Glow Drops:

These Beauty Angels use special glow drops in winter that helps to hydrate skin and refine pores.

5.  Lip Serums:

In winter, when lips of these models becomes dry then these models use special lip serums. These lips serum helps them to keep their lips smooth. These lip serums contains coconut butter, she a butter and vitamin E.

Follow these fabulous secrets of Victoria Secret Models which Blusheee fashion has gathered to keep your skin fresh in winter.


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