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Security forces in Kashmir get plastic bullets instead of metal bullets

The pellet guns used by security forces in the Kashmir Valley have attracted strong criticism from both national and international audiences. While it’s true that stone throwers have injured many security personnel in the Kashmir Valley, the bullets fired by pellet guns have also resulted in various casualties, with some people losing their eyesight. In an effort to make things more humane in the Kashmir Valley, the security forces will start using plastic bullets instead of the current metal bullets used in pellet guns. The objective is to achieve effective control over rampaging crowds without causing excessive damage to people. Towards this end, around 21,000 rounds of plastic bullets have been sent to the Kashmir Valley.

These plastic bullets have been developed recently and they are less lethal than their metal counterparts. The plastic bullets will be used to control violent crowds protesting in the Kashmir Valley. The plastic bullets were developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and they are now being mass produced at the ordinance factory in Pune. These bullets can be used in the AK series of assault rifles. However, the metal bullets will not be entirely discontinued since security forces may need it in case of emergency. Plastic bullets will definitely be painful, but when in conflict situations, the body releases chemicals that can numb the pain. In such cases, the plastic bullets may become ineffective, requiring the security forces to fall back to metal bullets to save their lives.

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