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Self Drive – The Best Way to Explore Bangalore

A trip to Bangalore is always memorable. Travellers to the city are welcomed by a cosmopolitan crowd that loves its food, music and brews. From the central districts of MG Road to the micro-breweries and restaurants of Koramangala and Indiranagar, this expansive city has many treats for all. Bangalore is also dotted with some of the most important corporate hubs and tech parks of the country. Travelling around Karnataka’s capital can come with its challenges though. Buses are crowded during rush hours, and auto-rickshaws are not the most reliable form of transport especially when one is not too familiar with the city.

Total Freedom and Mobility

Hiring a chauffeured cab is an expensive affair, and price surges at the most crucial hours are akin to daylight robbery. The best way to travel around Bangalore is on one’s own terms. More and more visitors to the IT city are now choosing the self drive mode. One can rent a car at the Bangalore airport and move around the city.

Smart Car Rental Plans

When it comes to hiring self drive cars in Bangalore, there are plenty of choices. Companies like Zoomcar offer a large range of vehicles; the customer can choose from hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and even luxury cars. Car rental is a more modern affair now, and bookings can be facilitated over a simple smartphone app in just a few steps. Car rental providers are well aware of the different journey requirements that visitors have when they land in Bangalore. There are many customised plans to choose from depending on the requirement, whether it is just a few meetings and errands that require minimal driving or it is a requirement that will include long hours of driving with lots of kilometres to be covered. These customised plans can also be changed in between when the journey requirement changes. This flexibility and transparency allow the customer to have control over his or her expenditure by paying only for the actual driving. Such control is not available with regular taxis, which offer flat rates.

Privacy and Security

It is no secret now that privacy and security is a major concern in Indian cities, especially for women travellers or those travelling with their families. Modern car rentals address this concern with many features that add to the convenience of self-driving. 24/7 on-road support is a valuable advantage of travelling with a reputed car rental network. Rental cars also have GPS tracking enabled and customer care support geared to answer queries at all times. Late nights offer a glimpse into Bangalore’s vibrant nightlife.With a reliable car rental, one can experience this without having to worry about searching for public transport in the middle of the night.

Wrapping up the Tour

Easy cashless payment options add more convenience to the car rental customer. Closing the booking is also simple since most of the transactions and communication are automated. One just needs to drop off the car at the airport station and head off for the flight back home with memories of a convenient and fun Bangalore trip.

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