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Selfish Selfies!!!

Selfies, a habit human bodies recently introduced to, have no longer been able to turn out to be a boon for them. Nowadays, it has become a tool to show to others that we have relations with only a few and not with others. After clicking selfies people use them as display pictures on Facebook or Whatsapp but they are unaware of the fact that they might just hurt someone’s feeling. But why do we say that their feelings get hurt. It is because of the fact that the hormones inside this human body don’t let us feel good about it. Consider a situation your boyfriend/girlfriend posts a selfie with someone else and you don’t see it by any chance so is there any possibility that your feelings will get hurt. The answer is NO. So, this process is like this – your filthy eyes observe a picture and the messenger nerves send it to the brain where waiting hormones become active and give mental distress.

So, what can be done? Should we just close our eyes or try to ignore. Well, the answer is that you cannot close your eyes forever unless you are dead and if you try to deliberately ignore pictures you will end up recalling them in your memory again and again. So, it leads to the fact that most of the selfies are selfish. They seek their own pleasure and do not care about the human welfare. So, what to do now?

Simple. You also post a selfie with some other person so that selfish selfies start causing mental distress to your partner because selfish selfies will never stop their work. It’s true. Do it once. Post a selfie with some other person and then you will notice some or the other activity from your partner which shows that his/her brain has received the selfish selfie and he/she will start reacting in various ways- calling you, blocking you, posting a counter selfie or a text like – “I MISS YOU.”

Slow and steady wins the race. Continue this for a long time and you will definitely succeed in this selfish selfie competition. Best wishes from the writer.

By: Kunal Bhardwaj


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