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Senior Chinese diplomat warns India of consequences over border standoff

Continuing with its rhetoric over the border standoff at Doklam, a senior Chinese diplomat in New Delhi warned India of consequences. The Chinese diplomat said that India should withdraw its troops or get ready to face the consequences. This is being considered a major escalation by China, since the standoff began nearly one and a half months earlier. Speaking to the media, the Chinese Deputy Chief of Mission Liu Jinsong said, “The crossing of the boundary line by Indian troops into the territory of China using the pretext of security concerns for a 3rd party is illegal.” By the term ‘3rd party’, Jinsong was referring to Bhutan, in whose territory China was trying to construct a road. However, India has close relations with Bhutan, so India intervened to protect Bhutan’s territorial interests.

Jinsong further said, “The troops should be withdrawn immediately, otherwise there will be serious consequences.” However, when asked to explain the term ‘consequences’ Jinsong chose not to elaborate. This clearly shows that China is just playing a game of bluff and using verbal assault to intimidate India. In another statement, which also is clearly an attempt to intimidate, Jinsong said that China considers military option an integral part of securing the sovereignty of a country. Through this statement, Jinsong was indirectly hinting that China may be forced to use military intervention to resolve the border standoff at Doklam.

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