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Senior journalists stand united; condemn CBI raids on NDTV

In a show of strength, senior journalists converged at the Press Club of India meeting organized in the national capital. They unanimously condemned the recent CBI raids on the premises of NDTV. The meeting was attended by leading personalities such as Prannoy Roy, HK Dua, Kuldip Nayar, noted jurist Fali S. Nariman, Arun Shourie, etc. The senior journalists shared the opinion that freedom of press is something that has been provided in the constitution and it cannot be infringed upon. The journalists questioned why the CBI was in such a haste to carry out raids at NDTV premises. They said that proper legal channels could have been used for the purpose.

Former union minister Arun Shourie said that he was disappointed to see that the current journalism community was divided and it has failed to stand up together to fight the controlling of the free flow of information. He warned the government by saying that history is witness to the fact that anyone who has tried to fight the media has had their hands burnt. Senior journalist Dua said that the situation is tending to become like the way things were at the time of emergency and if the journalism fraternity does not stand united, it may soon go that way. Prannoy Roy of NDTV thanked everyone for their presence and support and said that the issue was not about NDTV but “a signal to all of us”.

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