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SEO vs. PPC: Which is better for Your Website?

seo vs ppc

Digital Marketing is a large collection of effective techniques to enhance the existence of several businesses. You have heard the terms like email marketing, SEO, PPC, and content marketing so many times.

Whenever you think about increasing your site’s revenue and sales then SEO and PPC are play a led role.

The strategy of SEO and PPC is quite different even if they work to the same website to the same objective.

But when you going to start an online trade then you have to choose an option from between SEO and PPC, It seems a critical situation for those who are unknown about online marketing and other related things. So this article is written to give the right information to our readers.So that they could easily choose the right path in order to get their goal.

First, you have to get an overview of SEO and PPC.

SEO or search engine optimization is technically organic method to lift potential keyword’s ranking. In which, you optimize your website according to the search query and work onUX, UI user friendly design.

In order to execute an SEO strategy, you need to hire a professional SEO expert and make a plan to go ahead. You get some hidden ideas from google webmaster and analytics tool which are available to give the right status of your site’s health.

But another side, you need to spend certain money to run a PPC campaign. Google offers adword interface for the webmasters so that they can run display ads, textual ads and video ads. 

Use SEO to Reach Up to Right Customer

Google Algorithms monitor all the websites which are running on the web. Google has powerful and effective tools and software, which are responsible to manage high-quality sites and punish to the low-quality sites.

Google panda, penguin, pigeon, and hummingbird are the most popular algorithm and well known by webmasters.

Before going into deep, first, you have to optimize your business website according to Google algorithms and keywords. Give the priority to mobile SEO. Google recommends that every website should be mobile friendly.

The biggest advantage of implementing SEO strategy that’s you don’t have to pay nothing to the Google like PPC.

Workout on the following points and build up a successful SEO strategy 

  • Know about your website loading speed, if it is high then you should work on it to reduce it.
  • Learn the necessary aspects of content writing and content marketing.
  • Try to make a strategy of the combination of search engine optimization and social media.
  • Make SEO friendly Meta tags and Sort out the crawl error.
  • Work on on-page SEO and make it potent as per keywords and phrase.
  • Produce high-quality content on your blog and share it across social media.
  • Link building strategy can boost keyword in the organic era. Find guest opportunity and contact them to ask add as a featured guest author.
  • Add relevant images and videos between content along with alt tag.

One of the biggest difficultyyou face while using SEO that how you reach up to the right customer and serve them quality. When you run a business then you get lots of traffic from different platforms but they are not relevant to the site and business.

Note – Facebook is the high source of traffic but most of the times it is not effective like organic.”

Search engine optimization is a powerful way to stable searchable keywords in the higher position of Google. If you want drastic traffic then you have to rank keywords in top 1 position to 5.

If your site goes down below the 10th position then you have no more opportunities to sales your products.

To implement an SEO strategy, you need to make an effective plan and carefully choose keywords after taking anintense understanding of own business.

Run a PPC Campaign to Get Instant Results

We have explained the basic definition of Pay per click marketing in the first paragraph, hope you would have understood there. Here, we are going to reveal amazingly good reason why you should run a PPC campaign and what the process is to run a successful PPC ad.

PPC has proved its value of being the most popular platform for online marketing; No one can ignore the power of this powerful paid marketing strategy.

Pay when your ads are clicked

PPC is the fastest way of getting a website in front of potential customers. It is the best advantage of pay per click marketingbecause you only have to pay when your existing ad is clicked by viewer.

Before going to ahead, you need to set a budget, make a campaign, knows your audience. After this process, your ad form is visible on the top of the Googlesearch result page.You also need to design your landing page and manage its relevancy to the ad copy which you are going to run.

But when you set budget is over then Google stops displaying your ad. It means you need to renew your budget.

PPC interface offers essential features to control your budget and stop when you need it. You get all the control to fix everything from keyword planning to create campaign, ad groups to keyword searches, fix location to business address and target ads according to your audience, geographical location so on.

With the help of Google ad word, you can run different kinds of ads like text ads, display ads, video ads and shopping ads.

PPC is the best option when you want instant result in the terms of leads, traffic and increase sells.

These steps help you to run an effective ad

  • There are lots of platform to quick start PPC ad and Google ad word is one of them. You can choose as per your needs.
  • Carefully create your keyword list. Google ad word tool offers you keyword planner options to find appropriate and potential keywords check list.
  • Write effective ad copy, use phrases to grab the right end user.
  • Last on, work on effective landing page and ensure it will work towards your aim.

Conclusion–There are lots of way to gain traffic in the digital marketing concept. You can choose one of the following Email marketing, content marketing and social media marketing are other ways apart fromSEO and PPC.Most of service providers in the IT industry, especially offers search engine optimization and pay per click service to the clients. These things are the sign of the popularity of SEO and PPC.

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