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Serviced Apartments Are Perfect for Travelling

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Whether you find yourself travelling in Mayfair for work or leisure, the best chance to enjoy your time there is to choose serviced apartments for your stay. This innovative approach to short and long term travel can completely change the way you look at accommodation. More and more serviced apartments allow short term stays with a rather small minimum day stay, which is ideal for entrepreneurs staying in town for a three or four-day business seminar.


For about the same price, you get significantly more space in your serviced apartment, which is perfect for individuals and groups alike. For example, you may be a busy entrepreneur looking to build his knowledge of a new product at a seminar in town with more than a few pieces of important equipment on hand to get the job done. In a serviced apartment, you have all the room needed to spread out your equipment and prepare your research.

Families also enjoy this type of accommodation for you will never need to worry about everyone being pressed into a single, small room. For example, not all family holidays have just children and the parents in attendance; sometimes grandparents and other family members come along for the fun Silverning Apartments comes with as many rooms as you need, plenty of lounge space, and a full kitchen to ensure everyone is comfortable.


Although you still have neighbours when choosing a serviced apartment, you will never need to worry about what type of people may be sleeping on the other side of the wall. Serviced apartments come with a certain guarantee of quality, even if the other tenants are enjoying a stay of their own on the premises. You and any other travellers with you will enjoy a safe, comfortable, and private experience during your stay.

Comforts of Home

Another fantastic benefit of using a serviced apartment is that you will have everything you need to enjoy your stay as if you had brought home along with you. This is due to the fact you have a fully-equipped kitchen ready to help you create any type of complex meal or delectable treat. If you bring family along, it can be a great learning experience in visiting the local market, picking up some fresh, local ingredients, and creating a dish you would not otherwise get to enjoy.

In addition to having a full kitchen, apartments also come with everything a leased apartment should have, such as private bedrooms, one or more complete bathrooms, and plenty of room for everyone to gather and relax together. Whether you come alone on a tour of the city or need an apartment large enough to hold three generations of your family, you will have everything you love about your own home at your fingertips.


As the name would imply, serviced apartments utilize a hired maid service to ensure you never need to lift a finger during your stay. Unless you specifically ask that they not clean until you leave, you can come home each evening to freshly pressed towels and more.

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