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Setback for Sharif, as Pakistan Supreme Court dismisses review petition

In yet another setback for ousted Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif, the country’s Supreme Court has rejected his review petition. Sharif was disqualified after the court had found him involved in irregularities. However, after his disqualification, Sharif had launched various rallies across Pakistan to get the support of the people of Pakistan. He had even questioned the decision of the Supreme Court during the public rallies, saying that how can the judiciary remove a person who has been chosen by the people. Political pundits said that the massive public rallies were most probably done to put pressure on the judiciary to change its decision. Sharif and his family had filed two review petitions that challenged Sharif’s disqualification in Panamagate case. However, the Supreme Court appears unfazed by the pressure and has rejected the review petitions.

Sharif may have been planning to regain office, but with the review petitions rejected by the court, his political career seems to be coming to an end. He can play the role of a king-maker, but he cannot hope to become the king again anytime soon. Sharif has been disqualified as a member of Parliament and he will not be able to contest the 2018 general elections. The cases against him and his family would continue to be investigated.

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