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Shades of Friendship

You came as a stranger in my life ,

with whom unreasonable joy I derived .

My life was stuffed with books &crooks,

untill u came & showed how beautiful life really looks!!

You stood beside me through thick and thin,

even irritated me with your sarcasm and grin .

A time came when I realized  my  heart has  struck a  chord ,

but the cloud of our  egos & quarrels tore it apart .

It wasn’t your love that  made me strong ,

but the heartbreak that made me cry for long .!!.

You knocked my door once again &

 I didn’t wanted to let go off this chance in vain.

Cuz all the way I did  realize,

 you were the epitome of perfect friendship one could idealize .


By: Anushee Jain

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