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Shahabuddin miffed by songs played in Chhota Rajan’s cell in Tihar Jail

Former MP and bahubali leader Shahabuddin, who is imprisoned in Tihar jail, is being harassed by underworld don Chhota Rajan. Before you relate it with a gang war, let it be made clear that Siwan’s bahubali is disturbed by the songs being played in Chhota Rajan’s room on TV. So he has demanded a TV from jail authorities for himself. Shahabuddin, imprisoned in Tihar Jail, says that he has to face loneliness for 24 hours in jail. He neither speaks to anyone nor meets anyone. Shahabuddin has demanded that a TV should be provided in his cell too.

It is being told that underworld don Chhota Rajan has been kept near Shahabuddin’s cell. Shahabuddin complains that Rajan has been given a TV. Not only that, other prisoners near Shahabuddin’s cell have also been given TV sets. His cell is flooded with songs, all day and night. According to sources, Shahabuddin has been kept in Tihar Jail No. 1. Only one prisoner is kept in this cell. It is being ensured that there are no compromises in the safety of the cell. Tamil Nadu Special Police personnel have been deployed in the security of this jail. It may be recalled that Shahabuddin was shifted from Siwan jail in Bihar to Tihar Jail recently, as per the directions of the Supreme Court.

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