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Shankersinh Vaghela refuses to reveal his choice of candidate for Gujarat Rajya Sabha polls

As the voting for the Gujarat Rajya Sabha polls is to take place tomorrow, Shankersinh Vaghela appears to keep his cards close to his chest. And this is for a good reason, since the fight between Congress and BJP candidates is expected to be a tough one and Vaghela would not want to appear to have made the wrong choice. It may be recalled that 3 political heavyweights are in the fray for the Gujarat Rajya Sabha polls, BJP leaders Amit Shah and Smriti Irani and Congress candidate Ahmed Patel. In recent times, it has become a focus area for the BJP to ensure the defeat of Ahmed Patel, who is also the political advisor to Congress President Sonia Gandhi. The only thing Vaghela said was that he was still a friend of Ahmed Patel.

In recent times, there have been speculations that Vaghela has been in secret talks with BJP regarding the Rajya Sabha elections. However, Vaghela has denied the allegations. He, however, maintains that he has completely cut off his ties with the Congress. Vaghela was not willing to reveal even the party to which he will give his own vote. He said that the voting rights of MLAs are their personal property and they have no obligation to reveal it in public. Vaghela said that he and Ahmed Patel have been friends since 1977, and they continue to be friends and talk to each other over phone. He said that there is no special arrangement with the BJP.

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